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Flashing Back to this Baja Strike Mission

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Surfers: Blake Michaels, Kyle Perez, Brendan Sepe, Andy Nieblas, Makala Smith, Hallie Rohr

Living simple for a few days ~ plenty of swell reeling in paired with camping beneath starry nights. Good memories and lots of dust.

Nothing quite compares to setting up camp directly above a pumping spot. Dragging out every essential item that's been loaded to the brim. Getting situated, cracking in to the beers & suiting up. Colder water, empty lineup. 

We had to stack rocks in the tent to keep from getting blown over the cliff's edge. Ate copious amounts of bacon and avocados. Killing time between the tides included Boche ball & sling shot practice. The competitive nature really came out a few times amongst the crew, but that's just part of the fun.

To stay warm at night required a lot of yuccas, which everyone was pretty down to help collect. Looking out for snakes, scorpions and sharp edges. Even the most typically barefoot of surfers put on shoes for the Yucca hunt. 

Parts of the day we would just explore the vast open lands, taking the long bumpy roads to nowhere. Epic views, with music blasting out of the truck.  There was never a dull moment with this crew. And we stumbled upon a lot of cool stuff along the way

4 Days of sun exposure, surf, light-to-no showering, stickers in the feet and an empty right hander just beyond our tents. Those were the days...