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    Waves on the Horizon

    2017 has yet to bring us a decent run of swell. Looking forward to the following days, I'm sure everyones hoping to get their feet wet. @noahcardoza & a few other compadres got first pick of the new swell earlier this week up at California's Queen of the Coast, Rincon.
    Photo by @jonesea

    Compilation Film by Wiley Archbold

    Before this past month's flat spell we were truly blessed to have a great run of surf earlier this fall. Luckily for us, fellow compadre Wiley Archbold was all over the place capturing it all from trestles to baja & everywhere in between. We proud to show you our first official film title COMPILATION. For a limited time only COMPILATION will be live here on the blog. Stay tuned for upcoming showings of the film around town!

    Happy New Year

    We at San Onofre Surf Co. would like to wish everyone a safe & happy new year and thank you for an awesome 2016. We hope you enjoyed the holidays, got some surf (even though California had a slow December) & had fun spending time with family & friends. Be sure to stay tuned as we got a lot of cool stuff lined up for 2017. Cheers & always enjoy!
    Compadre @kyle_rperez tip time during a summer south swell at Four Doors.
    Photo by @andreacolemanphoto 


    Behind on your holiday shopping? We'll we have your back. Stop by @usedsurf in San Clemente CA. to purchase all your SOSC #holiday16 needs. We have a sample sale (including all sizes ) running through 2/21/16  to 12/23/16 at @usedsurf San Clemente CA. Be sure to check it out!

    Photo of The Week

    @noahcardoza finding a gem during the last swell.
    Photo Taken By @rookemedia