Spring Break at K-38

The sea glimmered out in front of the condo. Spring flowers covered the cliffs of this secluded property & lines of little swells would fill in throughout the day. With only a handful of people out the entire time, it always seemed inviting to paddle out.

 We satisfied our dinner cravings at Charly's place, where we were served a piping hot Molcajete sizzling with fresh shrimp, peppers and cheese. Certainly a favorite we'd go back for.

When we weren't catching gentle rights out front of the house, we'd venture into Puerto Nuevo for some tourist-y finds and a traditional lobster meal. Another memorable location was on the inland side of the local mountain range, in the valley of Bonito. Wine country is a common attraction down in Baja. 

Another past time when the tide was too high- hitting up the Salinas Bar and knocking a few scavenged golf balls out into the desolate beach. 

Our last day came too soon but we squeezed in one last session before checking out and gearing up for a lengthy border line. Baja is always a trip worth taking!