Hallie Rohr


  • -  Hometown: San Clemente, CA

  • -  Age: 25

  • -  Started Surfing: Caught my first wave when I was probably 10 on a boogie board at Linda Lane. Had a beloved Liquid Shredder for a few years after that until I finally got a real fiberglass single fin at around 13. I fell in love and surfed my way through middle school and high school on surf teams, or through Club Coalition events.

  • -  Favorite Waves: Peru had the best lefts ever, Mancora might be my favorite break there. I’ve also had unreal times in Scorpion Bay, Saladita, Noosa and Santa Cruz. More local though you can usually find me at Four Doors!

  • -  Board of Choice: I have two cherished boards at the moment. The most recent one is an amazing nose rider, 9’6 Elmore step-deck. The other is a Gato Heroi pintail that I’ve been obsessing over for nearly 2 years.

  • -  Inspirations / Favorite Surfers: First that comes to mind is Kassia, the queen! Margo Oberg is pretty iconic too. But I’m blessed to be around such a talented crew at my local break, I get really inspired seeing the guys and ladies developing their styles and approach.

  • -  Beverage of Choice: Morning coffee(s) always, at night either sake or tequila