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    There's something about going south of the border that never gets old. Especially when you keep seeing sets roll through all the way from the highway

    With a small crew and no shortage of waves, we had some unbelievable times down in Baja earlier this year!

    BAJA WITH THE BOYS from San Onofre Surf Co. on Vimeo.

     Sharing peaks, tacos and tequila shots with Joe Lambert, Ben Cardoza and Hallie Rohr


    Flash floods, erosion & mudslides suck.. On the filp side new sandbars are formed creating fun surf in questionable water quality. Check out the video below of what's been happening here in SoCal with the weather.


    We have a new feature on our website titled Beach Freaks! Under the Features tab you can find all the newest freaks. Beach Freaks is a page honoring the freaks that make the surf world and industry a more interesting and better place. It features some of our favorite freaks around!  For our first Beach Freak we feature our good buddy Shane Macpherson. We were able to sit down with him for a bit and ask a few questions. We were also able to follow him around for an average day in his life. Click HERE to see.


    Beach Freaks Episode 1:Shane Macpherson from San Onofre Surf Co. on Vimeo.