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    Welcome to Beach Freaks!

    A page honoring the freaks that make the surf world and industry a more interesting and better place. This page will feature some of our favorite freaks around! 

    For our second Beach Freak we our featuring "the jack of all trades" Blake Hansen. Blake is a surfer, shaper, sander, skater and father. Watch the video and read the interview to get a glimpse into his life and work. 

    For our first Beach Freak we our featuring our good buddy Shane Macpherson. We were able to sit down with him for a bit and ask a few questions. We were also able to follow him around for an average day in his life.

    Your definition of a Beach Freak?

        Shane: Someone who goes to the beach and hangs all day with all there buddies. Don't leave until the sun goes down. Share waves, beer and food.

    Favorite Surf Film?

        Shane: Psychic Migrations because of Burch

    What is your vehicle of choice?

        Shane: A beautiful 2006 toyota truck with a shell. Can fit 8-10 boards, 11 on a good day.

    Favorite fellow Beach Freak from the past and present?

        Shane: David Nuhiwa and Justin Adams

    What's your normal day consist of?

        Shane: Well if i'm not working I will usually go to Sano all day. Hang and surf with the sano crew and throw some BBQ and beers in there and that's all you ever need.