San Onofre Surf Company - Beach Freaks

SOSC Beach Freak - Shane MacPherson

For our first Beach Freak we our featuring our good buddy Shane Macpherson. We were able to sit down with him for a bit and ask a few questions. We were also able to follow him around for an average day in his life.

Shane MacPherson

Your definition of a Beach Freak?

    Shane: Someone who goes to the beach and hangs all day with all there buddies. Don't leaveuntil the sun goes down. Share waves, beer and food.

Favorite Surf Film?

    Shane: Psychic Migrations because of Burch

What is your vehicle of choice?

    Shane: A beautiful 2006 toyota truck with a shell. Can fit 8-10 boards, 11 on a good day.

Favorite fellow Beach Freak from the past and present?

    Shane: David Nuhiwa and Justin Adams

What's your normal day consist of?

    Shane: Well if i'm not working I will usually go to Sano all day. Hang and surf with the sano crew and throw some BBQ and beers in there and that's all you ever need.