Surfboards By Roger Hinds

Ask any surfer about Roger Hinds & his boards and they'll either get really excited or respond "who's that?" Roger has been the guy behind the scenes of surfboard brands such as Bear, Lighting Bolt, Blue Hawaii & Dewey Weber to name a few as well as Country Surfboards Hawaii which he had licensed in the mid/late1970's & still has today. I first became familiar with Roger Hinds about five years ago when I attended a Board Room Show in Del Mar, California. Just one glance at Roger's work he had displayed caught my eye without knowing his deep history in surfboard shaping, design & manufacturing. Surfboards shaped and glassed by Roger Hinds are 100% top quality as he does every detail himself. Since my introduction to Roger over five years ago, my friends & I were always eager to get one under our feet one day. Luckily for us we were able to finally find out what all the buzz was about, Roger had shaped three different boards for our crew of Compadres to try out in a variety of different waves. Earlier this month Roger stopped by our HQ in San Clemente CA. and dropped off a 7'0 Aussie V-bottom, 6'0 Single Fin Shortboard & a 5'4 Keel Twin Fin Fish. With years of shaping experience on the North Shore of Oahu & all over the world Roger is currently shaping boards back in Orange County (Seal Beach) were he's from. Be sure to check out his website rogerhindssurfboards.comorder one up, & you will not be disappointed!
The three magic sticks on the rack at Sano. 
Friend & youth influencer, Andy Nieblas admiring.
Roger giving us the lowdown & inspiration of each board.
Stay tuned for an upcoming post filled with photos & footage of our friends and family riding Roger's boards!