Dos Semanas - La Saladita

What I lacked in WiFi connection, I made up for in daily journaling and little doodles over the course of our two week adventure in mainland Mexico.

The San Onofre Surf Co. Crew made the annual trip south last month to enjoy the 2019 Mexi Log Fest hosted by Israel Preciado and several event sponsors. We're ecstatic for our team rider Kevin Skvarna for not only earning an impressive fourth place finish, but an award for the highest score of the event!

There were so many talented surfers down there and you couldn't have asked for a better setting to showcase traditional logging.

We made arrangements to stay nearly a week after the event. Soaking up every bit of sun and getting all the lefts we could over the span of those two weeks, or en Español - Dos Semanas

Here is a little recap of how things went down in the land of lefts:


writing and photos - Hallie Rohr

illustrations - River Covey, Karina Rozunko, Hallie Rohr