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    Anyone who knows Beth O'Rourke can back this- one of the kindest, funniest, and all-around awesome people you will ever come across. I've known Beth for several years now through the Coalition contests, which has been a long-held tradition of surfing events up and down the coast of California. I got to hang out with her recently to talk about her background and her life outside of the water. A jack of all trades, Beth has worked in many different fields throughout her life: from the arts, to graphic design, to branding and likely many more fields we didn't get to discuss. Currently, she is an avid cinematographer and photographer. She also is the President and Team Captain of one of the most-famed surfing clubs, the Malibu Surfing Association 

    Here's a segment from our chats and a bit of playful logging by our Lady Shred Legend: Beth!





    photo: Alex Swanson
    photo: Alex Swanson

    When we first start surfing, or perhaps when we become obsessed with it, we tend to look for a role model, an inspiration. I grew up in a time where the lady loggers were a select few, most of whom were rarely getting paid for doing what they do. Everyone had their heroes. But since I can remember, I was always in awe of OC-based shred queen, Erin Ashley.

    photo: Alex Swansonphoto: Alex Swanson

    Erin, who also goes by Worm, has always been a pusher of the sport, or should I say "the movement". She is a free-surfer to the core with an exciting, unpredictable, truly unique approach to riding waves. The vast respect she's gained within the surf community is only awarded to a handful of characters. You ask most gals (and guys!) who log up & down Southern California and they'll tell you the same - Worm is a legend! It is also her pursuits outside of surfing - pastry chef wizard,  avid musician and perpetual activist for social justice - that set her apart from the rest.

    photo: Tom Cozadphoto: Tom Cozad

    Worm is the kind of surfer that has always gone above and beyond the usual. Taking off deeper, holding nose-rides longer, getting critical, cranking out deep bottom turns and putting major style into each maneuver … it is a style of surfing I seldom see within the ladies' world of logging. I mean, she pulls into switch barrels on the nose, who the hell does that ?! She's also the only person I've ever met that can do a smooth, no-hand pop up. You won’t see this kind of surfing on a live feed brought to you by the WSL. But if you run into her on a good swell in her Newport neighborhood, you just might have your mind blown. 

    photo: Drew Martin

    photo: Drew Martin

    I tried to do just that the other week. We met up at Blackie’s, her usual scene.  Although the waves were the typical Winter slop we’ve had to deal with lately on the West Coast, it was a great hang. After a bit of a parking lot mingle, we went to lunch around the block at Saigon Beach for lunch and deeper conversation. 

    photo: Zac Milan
    photo: Zac Milan



    ROBOTS FROM- EP 3 from Robots From Outerspace on Vimeo.


    What's next for WORM?! Come see Erin & other talents at the PLEASE HAVE FUN PREMIERE @ LA PALOMA March 27 8pm !


    Write Up by Hallie Rohr





    A few windswept moments from Tim Samuel on Vimeo.

    Ms. Roisin Carolan is our feature debut, this Aussie amiga is a notable talent in and out of the water! Known for her witty comebacks and deep drop-knee cutbacks, RoRo is a standout shredder hailing from Byron Bay. Beyond her surfing talents, Roisin is also an amazing chef currently completing her apprenticeship in the Culinary Arts. We were happy to catch up with Roisin & get the scoop on how she stays killing it

    Photo// @honoluablomfield                                                              Photo// @letmesea 


    Q: What is a typical day in the life for Roisin?

    Well, hopefully it starts with a surf somewhere in Lennox or Byron. I work a lot, so I usually tend to roll over to work after my morning surf, lots of cooking to loud tunes at Fig Tree restaurant. I enjoy it a lot. But say I wasn’t working I’d probably pop into McTavish then, they now have a coffee shop, with great coffee and food, and a familiar face to lots of you; Kahu might even make your cappuccino. If the surfs good I’ll go back, if not I would bake something, a cake, tart or maybe bread. I love pastry. If I have time I might do a lil doodle, but I don’t draw so much anymore, it’s harder to find the time. Then I might have a few beers or bit of vino with friends to finish. 

    Q: When did you start surfing and how did you get your start?

    I started when I was 10 when Santa gave me my first foamy board. My family and I were living in Manly at the time and my parents put me in a local boardriders. It was so good for me be in a club and meet so many people who pushed my surfing and influenced me. 

    Photo// @figtreerestaurant                                                                                    Photo//


    Q: Who are some of your personal influences? In surfing and culinary arts?

    Bob McTavish has been a major influence for me and my surfing. Growing up with such a positive enthusiastic pioneer of surfing I think was a huge thing for me. Also all my lovely friends who surf, the Sano crew particularly are some of my favourite people to surf with and keep surfing fun and exciting. 

    There are so many amazing chefs out there who continue to inspire me and fuel my passion for cooking but I think Julia Child is one my favourites. As well as Marco Pierre White and Anthony Bourdain. 

    Q: How do you find balance between work, creative outlets and a social life?

    It’s for sure hard. Sometimes I definitely feel as though I work more than I’d like.  But then I have to remember I’m working towards something that will be able to take me lots of places. Hopefully when I’m done my apprenticeship I’ll be able to use it to travel to lots of new exciting places.


    Photo// @roro.carolan                                                                                                         Photo// @timsamuelphotography


    Q: What would you say you are most passionate about?

    Cooking and surfing are pretty tight right now. I have a lot of drive to do well with cooking. But surfing is such an important part of my life. I don’t care much for comps or that anymore, just surfing, personal growth in the sport and my beautiful friends and family I’ve made with it. 

    Q: With a New Year ahead what are some of your plans for the next chapter?

    I’m actually on my way to Tasmania right now to stage at a restaurant in Hobart. This means doing work experience pretty much. Working to learn. It’s a super exciting time and I’m so keen to learn lots of new things down here. Hopefully get some good waves too.


    Photo// @brydiewatson_                                                                                    Photo// @ceciliaphotographie


    Favorite place to surf: 

    Lennox point, soy lush. 

    Best contest results/proud moments:

     Probably Malibu a few years ago. Best comp, had so much fun, With perfect waves and company. 

    Boards you’re riding:

     McTavish, I’m currently riding the noserider model, a Sherpa which is an all round shortboard, and I also have a glider model it’s called the sugar. 

    Favorite places to travel:

    California, I really loved Baja too. And Dublin. 


    Photo// @roro.carolan                                                                                             Photo// @andynarrowpath
    Write Up by Hallie Rohr