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    News — naki surf

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    Art by Naki Surf

    Naki has been all over the map these days chasing swell and finding love. But in his down time he has been creating some pretty rad resin photo frames. Everything from the photo itself to mixture of resin work done on each piece is all original! 

    Nalu Magazine Japan Summer Time Quiver Talk

    Recently Nalu Magazine Japan caught up with a handful of California surfers to discuss the quiver change up heading into summer 2016. The World Surfer's Quiver Snap exposes the diverse quiver set ups from California's Tyler Warren, Brian Bent, Brad Ewart, Brian Anderson, Tyler Stanaland, Andy Nieblas, Daniel Johnson, JJ Wessells, & Brian Miller. 
    Tyler Warren
    Brian Bent
    top: Daniel Johnson bottom: JJ Wessells
    Catch Surf's Tyler Stanaland
    Andy Nieblas
    top: Brad Ewart bottom: Brian Anderson
    Brian Miller

    Mid December, Plenty of Swell

    Christmas came early for us here on the west coast this December. After a lack of swell through November we opened up our gifts this year a few weeks early with consistent swell up and down the coast, some days were a little more special than others. Here's a few peeks of what a few of our compadres scored...


    Trent Coleman, Church's glide. Taken by Andrea Coleman

    Trent Coleman, Church's glide. Taken by Andrea Coleman

    Noah Cardoza. Taken by Naki

    Naki happy glide at Rincon. Photo courtesy of @nakisurf

    Andy Nieblas. Taken by Cat Gregory

    Ben Cardoza, hanging heels. Taken by Andrea Coleman

    Calvin Sanders, gliding through Church's. Taken by Andrea Coleman

    Calvin, again on the inside. Taken by Andrea Coleman

    Surfed out, until next time. #vanlife taken by @nakisurf