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    December 5, 2015. The Longboard Collector Club at Doheny

    Always offering a wide variety of boards to pick through, surf swaps are something we always look forward to! Especailly the big one each December here in our backyard at Doheny.   

    Proto-types of some of the first removable fins.

    The one thing that separates this swap from the rest is the induction of the 'International Surfboard Builders Hall of Fame' and the highlights of this year's inductees included legends such as Jeff Ho & Pat Morgan 

    Jeff Ho started his business Zephyr Productions in the Venice Beach area of Los Angeles in 1971. Jeff was locally known for his experimental surfboard designs and resin work. During that time he had formed a legandary shop team of talented surfers and skateboarders better known as the Z Boys and innovative team that changed surfing and skatebaording forever. 

    Pat Morgan Surfboards gained regotinition in the Australia surf scene in 1972 for his contribution of the seven inch keel fin. These twin fin keels were designed to gain speed along the big walls of Bells Beach. He opened shop in Torquay, Australia soon after and has obtained the dream of making a living of shaping boards ever since.

    Pat flew all the way up from Australia to take part in the ceremony.

    Original and authentic. Phil Edwards

    1970's David Nuuhiwa







    People Who Surf SanO: Q & A with Andy Nieblas

    We recently had the chance to catch up and talk story about the past and present with our good friend Andy Nieblas,
    and here is what one of today's most stylish surfers had to say...


    At what age and where did you learn how to surf?
    "I began surfing at the age of 10 years old. At the Boneyard at Doheny where everything begins for most of us living around here." 

                                     Photo: Andrea Coleman

    When was your first experience at SanO?
    "I was about 11 years old hanging around the jetty at Doheny waiting for the tide to rise, when Colin Emery, an older friend of mine had asked me to hop in the van and cruise down to Sano with some of the older kids apart of our crew. I first had to ask my mom for her permission to allow me to cruise that day and from there the rest is history! We dropped right down to Four Doors and the Point and from there it became a daily routine." 

    photo: Andrea Coleman                                 Photo: Andrea Coleman

    What is your preferred equipment these days?
    "9'6 Pig 'Answalkonwater' model shaped by Griffin Kyle at Almond Surfboards. I also enjoy the challenge of riding retro single and twin fins. Dings or no dings, it's all fun."

    Who are some your biggest influences in surfing?
    "Butch Van Artsdalen, Buttons, Gerry Lopez, Mickey Dora & Tiger Espere" 

                                     Photo: Andrea Coleman

    When the waves offer a little bit of variety, where can you be found mixing it up?
    "During the winter I tend to surf Church's a little more along with all the other nooks and crannies found along Trestles. Big summer time south swells, I'm usually giving a look at Lowers, Doheny or one of the many peaky beach breaks around town." 

                                     Photo: Thomas Green/Almond Surfboards