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    News — wiley archbold

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    Summer Photo Journal By Michele Lorusso

    The last few months our friend Michele Lorusso from La Saladita, Mexico has been cruising around with all over Orange County & beyond with our crew. Mostly shooting with 35mm film, Michele observes well from a different perspective. Here's part one of three rolls of film by @michelelorusso
    Nick Melanson on his self shape twinnie 
    Ben Cardoza 3 flip on the jetty
    Nick Melanson at Four Doors
    Wiley Archbold going finless at the boneyard
    Wiley Archbold skate nights in our warehouse
    Stay Tuned for More!

    South of The Border

    Earlier this month we escaped for a few days down south to one of our favorite little hideaways just south of the border! With a good mix of swell, good friends & great times the least we can say is that we had a blast.
    Film & Edit by @wiley_archbold & @myaeden


    January's consistent rainfall left us with not only a good run of surf but awakened many little nooks & crannies with all sorts of not necessarily new waves to surf but rare ones. Last Friday saw some epic conditions as the storms had past, the sun had peaked out and the winds all switched offshore. Everywhere seemed to be epic that day but a few friends from our tribe scored a true rarity. Local photographer and longtime friend @samschafer tagged along & here's a few special moments that he captured. @sanonofresurfco