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    News — San Clemente Skatepark Coalition

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    San Clemente Skate Park Coalition Most Epic Day of Skateboarding

    A little over a year ago a few friends of ours started to raise awareness of the lack of places to skate peacefully here in San Clemente & surrounding cities. San Clemente has had a skatepark for over 15 years which is a little out dated in comparison to most recent parks that they are building today. Not only is our park outdated & small it's also located inconveniently out of the way for people to skate. To help boost this awareness throughout the community & beyond the SC Skatepark Coalition is hosting a raffle for a chance for you & a few friends "The Most Epic Day of Skateboarding". The winner gets to tour the training facilities of Ryan Sheckler, Nyjah Huston, our warehouse & skate ramp, Stance warehouse & skate tour, & Electric sunglasses. Sounds epic right? Enter for your chance to win at https://www.crowdrise.com/epic-day-of-skateboarding/fundraiser/san-clemente-skatepark-coalition there's 11 days left and be sure to follow & support @sc_skatepark_coalition
    Thank you for helping better our community.