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    News — Andrea Coleman Photo

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    Halloween At Four Doors

    Halloween at San Onofre's Four Doors was more than epic this year as a bunch of friends and family dressed in their favorite costumes for a day of great surfing/.
    Makala Smith & Noah Cardoza kicking the morning off in the video above!
    Film, Edit & Photos by @andreacolemanphoto
    The usual peanut gallery between sessions.
    Brock Tomson Monkey'ed around the line up all afternoon.
    Photo: Brian Miller
    Noah Cardoza. We couldn't really figure this costume out.

    Sessions of Fall

    After a swell deprived August, we were truly blessed by lots of swell during one of Southern California's favored times to get in the water, fall. Crowds reduce in size, the swell direction comes from all angles along with an occasional offshore wind to make the conditions extra special to help us all cope from the post summertime blues. These days between work, school, and all other personal obligations spent in the water have always seemed to be the most enjoyable.
    Kyle Perez
    Tyler Warren
    River Covey
    Andy Nieblas
    Ben, Nick & Andy
    Noah Cardoza
    Nick Melanson
    All photos by Andrea Coleman

    June Gloom & South Swell

    The start of summer hasn't been much of disappointment, just a few flat days here and there. Stoked that there is more swell to be had this week as well, enjoy!
    Ben Cardoza, tip time at Doheny's Boneyard
    Trim line with Brian Bent
    It wasn't all gloom...
    Ladyslider Makala Smith
    Kyle Perez ten across left.
    Hallie Rohr practicing what she preaches...
    The images above were takien by @andreacolemanphoto.
    Old Mans... pleasant. 

    April's Southern Hemisphere Awakening

    After a wave rich winter, we continue to score. The first of April opened the gates for the Southern Hemisphere to start producing some waves as we move closer to every surfers favorite season, summer. From four doors to the local beach breaks around town & even a few sessions at Malibu, the SOSC compadre crew got the best of what this swell had to offer.
    Kyle "Style" Perez finding an inside pocket on the inside. 
    Fresh off the plane from Oz. Ben Cardoza is right back in his natural habitat. 
    The days are just getting longer!
    Nick "grom" Melanson 
    Tommy Coleman, second point Malibu.
    Between sessions. 
    Ten Over, Ben Cardoza.
    It's starting to feel like summer!
    All images shown above were capture by Andrea Coleman. Be sure to check back for more surf stoked news!