"Go Faster"- Exhibit at SHACC Surfing Heritage & Culture Center

Last Saturday we were able to check out the opening of the "Go Faster" exhibit at SHACC Surfing Heritage & Culture Center in San Clemente. The evolution in search of speed was visible in all the different wave vehicles displayed. Some legends of this transitional era Dick Brewer, Tom Morey, Bob Smith, & PT were at the show, as we were able to hear stories on their shapes during this time. Below are some pics of the new exhibit, as well as some of the boards/history always up on display at SHACC.

Tom Morey pictured above (on the left) with his air lubricated future craft AL #1 (the only one made) in 1970. The idea behind the air vented 1 step is air from above the board (that black rectangle) will funnel through and out the bottom of the board, thus creating more lift and speed from the air outlet. Not designed for maneuverability, but for reaching high speeds quickly. Interesting method. Tom said Saturday night "The future is air and working with air to go faster"  Wonder if this board works.. would be fun to try.

A couple interesting facts from above.. Mary Ann Hawkins learned how to surf at San Onofre, Tom Blake was the first to ever surf Malibu, and mens bathing suits in California were a bit different in the 40s. The San Francisco maker Gantner was the first company to produce a topless swimsuit for men.